As a junior golfer, have you read any online golf magazines that are just for junior golf?
I bet that your answer is a loud ‘NO’!
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Peak Performance Coaching
Dirk Downing, PhD
Mental Performance Coach
314-406-7658 /

Testamonials from players that Dr. Downing has worked with:
“Dirk has really helped me during the moments of self doubt. The pressure and negative self talk over a bad shot during a golf match was getting in my head. I needed a strong mental game to compete at State and thanks to Dirk, I successfully medalled by using what he taught me. I now have the mental skills to match my physical skills.” (High School golfer; Golf All State 2017; Gateway Junior PGA Player)
“I think that I am better at keeping my focus. I also think I am better at coming back from bad shots and not being impacted by the past.” (High School Gateway Junior PGA Golfer)
“I have been very fortunate to have worked with Dirk for a while now. He has helped me tremendously. Dirk has provided me with the skill set I need to reach my goals on and off the golf course. He listens to what I need and helps me use strategies to improve in the areas where I am struggling. Dirk has also been a positive influence throughout my high school golf tryouts and really taught me where my focus needs to be before, during, and after play. Some of the things we have worked on are staying positive, the importance of being on track, and skills not to be nervous. The exercises he has provided me have been very beneficial in improving my golf game. I am very grateful to have him as a mental coach and support for me.” (High School Golfer)
“As I began to develop more physical ability and see success in my sport, I noticed how mentally unprepared I was to handle what followed. I slowly discovered the need to put as much time into mental preparation as I did my physical preparation. The work done through mental performance with Dr. Downing caused a complete turnaround in my collegiate career that has now given me an opportunity to confidently pursue professional golf.” (Division 1 Collegiate Golfer)
“Dirk and I started working together at a time when I was struggling with my game. The mental processes we discussed had an immediate impact in increasing my enjoyment playing golf. This helped reduce tension and allowed me to score better. So much so that very soon after beginning to work together I shot -6 in a college event finishing 4th, a result that was by far the best of my season. The work we did together was critical for me in becoming the SEC Men’s Golf Scholar Athlete of the Year and in the following year playing 7 of 11 tournaments under par. Something which I had never before come close to achieving!” (Former Division 1 Collegiate Golfer)
“Working with Dirk on mental performance has been a game-changer. He taught me how to handle negative self talk such that I was able to free my mind and perform at a much higher level during competition. We also improved my practice routine to be more specific and engaging which better simulates what can be expected on the course. My sessions with Dirk have paid off tremendously not only as a golfer, but also in my personal development.” (Former Division 1 Collegiate Golfer)
“I had the opportunity to work with Dirk during my golf career at Mizzou and he is outstanding! Dirk was the biggest asset to my career that helped me compete at the highest level and reach my goals. He truly understands the game and how each individual player works. I couldn’t be more pleased with how Dirk has helped my game progress! I credit a huge amount of my success to his mental performance coaching.” ((Former Division 1 Collegiate Golfer)

Dr. Downing’s approach to Mental Performance Coaching:
“My experience in junior and high school golf, while rewarding, often fell short of my expectations. My mental approach was all over the place and I would often try a new strategy every time I teed it up. I was so focussed on what other successful golfers were doing and thinking, that I neglected the approach that would work best for me. In my PHD program in Sport Psychology at Mizzou I learned the necessary mental strategies to overcome distraction and maximize each round. I also have learned how important it is to train your mind with a Mental Performance Coach who can provide a tailored approach to maximize the needs of each individual. The mental game is not a one size fits all! If I had the opportunity of working with a mental performance coach as a junior golfer I absolutely believe that it would have helped my game!”
(Dirk Downing played high school golf in St. Louis and also played competitively in the summers. During the summers while in college Dirk worked for Carol Fromuth helping with the tournaments. Dirk graduated from the University of Missouri receiving his doctorate and now practices in St. Louis.)