Entry Forms

The new system for entering AGT events is different than in the past. We will using the USGA Tournament Management program to manage our AGT events. Our events are listed on the Missouri Golf Association website on the Tournaments page under the Junior Section but the program will accept both College and High School entries. When you register you will indicate the Division that you will be playing in: College Men, College Women, High School Men or High School Women.

If you are entering your first event for 2020, please follow the link below entitled: “Instructions on how to register for 2020 AGT events.” You must fill in the required player profile information to enter an AGT event, including entering your chosen password. If you enter events from this page, you must have a credit card to pay for your selected events.

If you have already registered for a 2020 AGT event through the USGA Tournament Management program, please click on the link below entitled: “Registration site for sign up for 2020 AGT events.” You will be using your email address and your password to open the page to begin entering event/s. You must have a credit card to complete payment of your entry selections. If you prefer to enter one event at a time, this is perfectly okay.

If you use Safari to enter AGT events and are encountering problems, CLICK HERE for answers.

The AGT encourages you to download and print the Pertinent Tournament Information publication. It answers a lot of questions about the AGT Tournaments.

Click on a selection below:
2020 AGT Pertinent Tournament Information with COVID Policies
2020 ADA Entry Form with the AGT Pertinent Tournament Information and COVID Policies
Instructions on how to register for 2020 AGT events
Registration site for sign up for 2020 AGT events