Tournament Registration

The AGT uses Golf Genius (GG) for our Tournament program & registration


The Golf Genius link is at the bottom of this page.

If this is your first tournament, you will need to register as a new member of the Accelerated Golf Tour.


Complete the Profile Form, entering all required fields

Please choose College OR High School and enter your High School Graduation Year


After completing your profile, click the link to view the AGT Schedule of Events. You will be charged $175 for each tournament entered

The next time you open GG to enter an event, use the link below. Your user name and password will be provided to allow you to enter and select the Schedule of AGT Events to register for an event.

AGT Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • If a player withdraws prior to the entry deadline they may transfer their registration to another tournament, or receive a refund back to their original form of payment less a $10 administrative fee. 
  • If a player withdraws after the entry deadline has passed, the player will not receive a refund, except in cases of extenuating circumstances, which will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  All refunds are at the discretion of the AGT Committee.  

Withdrawal Procedure

Refund Prior to Entry Deadline

  • Players looking to withdraw should do so online through their Golf Genius user profile to receive an immediate refund and withdrawal. Players will receive a refund back to their credit card less a $10 administrative fee.

Transfer to Another Event *

  • If a player would like to transfer their registration to another event, they should send an email with to Jeanne Andrews at and include the following information:
    • Event withdrawing from
    • Event to move registration to

Cancellation 24 hours of the Event

  • Due to the urgency of this request, players should call call Carol Fromuth at 314-494-6306 

* A registration may only be transferred one time.  After that a refund must be issued, and the player will need to register for the new event.


If you have any trouble, please contact Jeanne Andrews at