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What is Carol Fromuth doing in her spare time????

St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team sets two state records in tournament wins.

According to Warren Mayes of WEST Magazine, Carol Fromuth, coach of the St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team, set a state record with a team score in the MO/IL River Challenge on Saturday.
In the MO/IL River Challenge played at Quail Creek Golf Club, the Angels shot a team score of 291. That broke the Missouri state high school record for a par 72 course.
Nienhaus also won medalist honors. She shot a 2-under 70. Nienhaus the only one to shoot under par in the event. Nicole Rallo was even with a 72 and tied for second. Mia Rallo came in seventh with a 74 and Aromando was eighth with a 75. Andrews shot an 85 to tie for 17th place. Arro shot an 88.

From left to right: Drew Nienhaus, Isabella Arro, Nicole Rallo,
Grace Aromando, Rylie Andrews and Mia Rallo

And Fromuth’s next feat according to Warren Mayes, was at the Smith-Cotton Classic played Monday at the Sedalia Country Club. St. Joseph’s smashed the record for a par 70 course with a team score of 277. St. Joseph’s broke its own record for the par 70 course, which it set with a 306 on Oct. 10, 2017, in the second day of the Class 2 state tournament that was held at the Sedalia Country Club. Westminster Christian Academy held the record for a par 72 course with a 308. Westminster set that record Oct. 3, 2012.
“I think I never would have dreamed we’d shoot the score we did at Sedalia,” St. Joseph’s coach Carol Fromuth said. “To be 3-under with four players is not something you think about. As good as the girls are, that’s just a great accomplishment. That would be good for anybody. That blows me away. A 306 was the lowest par score and we shattered it.
Plus, St. Joseph’s defeated Notre Dame de Sion, which finished at 289. “That’s our big competition for state,” Fromuth said. St. Joseph’s has won the Class 2 state tournament for the past three years. Notre Dame de Sion has finished second in the last two years. “They have a great coach and program there,” Fromuth said. “We can’t let up.” The undefeated Angels likely will not.
At Sedalia, junior Drew Nienhaus earned medalist honors by shooting a 4-under 66. She won by one stroke over Megan Propeck, of Notre Dame de Sion. Propeck is the two-time defending Class 2 state champion. “Drew beat Megan Propeck and she’s one of the best players in the country,” Fromuth said. “She’s in the top 50 probably. Megan is in the same year in school as Drew. Propeck has played more nationally than Drew has but Drew played a lot this summer. I think that’s paying off now. She’s very calm. She’s very focused.
“The 66 was Drew’s career best. She had a wonderful round.” Two other Angels also had career-best rounds at Sedalia. Junior Nicole Rallo shot a 1-under 69 and finished third while her sophomore sister, Mia, tied for fifth with a 1-over 71. “They both played great,” Fromuth said. “The only one who didn’t have a career-best round was Grace (Aromando). Aromando, a senior, also shot a 1-over 71. The other Angels’ scores were an 81 by sophomore Isabella Arro and a 92 for freshman Rylie Andrews.

From Left to Right: Rylie Andrews, Isabella Arro, Nicole Rallo, Grace Aromando
Drew Nienhaus, Mia Rallo and Coach Carol Fromuth.

FOUR-PEAT….Yes. Coach Carol Fromuth led her team to their fourth MSHAA win….2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019!St. Joseph’s Academy wins fourth consecutive Class 2 state girls golf championship.

The St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team celebrates winning its fourth consecutive state championship. They certainly did. St. Joseph’s Academy earned its fourth consecutive Class 2 girls golf state title. In the two-day tournament playing in windy conditions at Silo Ridge Golf and Country Club in Bolivar, the Angels burned the course. St. Joseph’s shot a 299 in the first round and finished with a 607. That’s the best Angels score at state. It gave them a 15-shot advantage over runner-up Notre Dame de Sion. The 15-shot margin of victory is the Angels’ biggest in the last four years. The 607 score tops St. Joseph’s best score in the last four years by 16 shots. Junior Drew Nienhaus believed before the season the St. Joseph’s Academy Angels would repeat as state golf champions. “I was very confident in our team’s ability,” said Nienhaus, who spent her summer playing in numerous tournaments around the country. I knew that we would start the season strong and only get better throughout the fall. It’s always hard to win when your supposed to,” St. Joseph’s coach Carol Fromuth said. “Anything can happen. Notre Dame is a good team and we knew they would want to beat us. We had the two best teams and they had a great player. We didn’t go into state being cocky. They all felt they could win. There no substitutions in golf so you have to get it done. The kids came though in terrible conditions. They are to be congratulated on how they played. I’m happy.” For the second consecutive year, all five Angels made the all-state team, which is the top 15 finishers. All girls earn medalists. Last year was first time ever in state history all five girls from a team accomplished the feat. It was very windy. The first day there was a steady strong wind with gusts,” Fromuth said. “On the second day, it was probably a sustained 20 to 25 win with gusts up to 45. With it that windy, you had to back off at times. You have to wait till the wind backs off. They did a great job. it was difficult to play. The scores were better than I expected.” The 607 team score is the lowest in the state tournament for a girls team. Setting records is nothing new for this year’s squad. “We just keep getting better every year and don’t plan to stop,” Neinhaus said. “We set Missouri state records twice this year (for par 70 and 72 courses) and fully plan on breaking them in our 2020 season.” Senior Grace Aromando shot rounds of 76 and 74 and Nienhaus had rounds of 72 and 78. Each finished with a 150 to spark St. Joseph’s. The girls tied for fourth place. There were 90 players in the field. “Drew tripled a hole when she lost a ball,” Formuth said. “We later found it and it was playable but that’s the way it is. I think it’s real important that everybody can look. The gallery can’t look. That would help speed up play. Three minutes to look isn’t very long to look for a ball. But they were very definitely good scores by them. Grace had a good tournament as a senior. I’ll take that any day. Grace will be on a state champ four years in a row and that’s as good as it gets.” Nienhaus and junior Nicole Rallo can tie Aromando with another state title next fall. Nienhaus discussed her two rounds. “Day One, I played extremely well given the conditions which included 40 mph wind gusts and it had rained 2.5 inches. I had an eagle and a few birdies and finished just one stroke off the leader,” Nienhaus said. “The second day I was playing well until I hit a hole where a huge wind gust took my drive and we struggled to find it without spotters on the course. I had to take a penalty which was frustrating because we found my ball shortly after I hit again. But, I did recover from that and play well the rest of the day with four birdies including one on 18. I am proud to have finished 4th, but also frustrating because I know I could have been first or second.” Nichole Rallo came in eighth with a 153 and sophomore sister Mia finished ninth with a 159. Mia had a first-round 84 but then shot a 75. Mia turned it around completly from the day before. “That’s the whole thing,” Fromuth said. “Nobody ever gives up or gets down on themselves. That’s one of our mottos. Forget anything that’s happened and never never quit.” Sophomore Isabella Arro, who watched the state tourney as a freshman, came in 12th with a 162. “She knew what state was all about from being here and watching it last year,” Fromuth said. “She was at state watching and learning. That’s huge.” The team was thrilled to win the state crown again. “They were very excited to win it again,” Fromuth said. “Three in a row was a great accomplishment. To win this one is wonderful. Next year, we’ll look to five.” With the state title, St. Joseph’s Academy has the most championships in Missouri history with nine. “It’s fun to win, I have to say. But they’re all good golfers,” Fromuth said. “They present themselves with a chance to do it. Everybody contributed to the final score.” The St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team won the Class 2 state tournament. It was the fourth consecutive title for the Angels. Fromuth acknowledged the championship was something she wanted as much as the Angels. “It seems like this year I was more obsessed about it,’ Fromuth said. “I wanted the fourth one in a row. Note Dame has had four in a row before. But it wasn’t up to me. The kids never knew how I felt. They know how to do it. They can play. I let them go out and do their best.” The Angels lose one senior from this year’s state team. “We have the nucleus of a good team coming back,” Fromuth said. “The kids love each other. They root for each other. They have came together very well. They’re good friends on and off the course. They hope everybody does well when we’re playing.” Nienhaus agreed. “Every golfer has good days and bad days, but on our team I know I can count on my teammates shooting low when I don’t,’ Neinhaus said. “That is a huge benefit that most teams don’t have.” Neinhaus and her teammates appreciate how much Fromuth helps them. “She just constantly pushes us to think and improve our course management,” Neinhaus said. “Being on a golf team is such a fun thing because we are small so we get very close. We get to travel a lot which also makes for great bonding experiences.”