Bogey Hills Country Club

Bogey Hills Golf Club
1120 Country Club Road
St. Charles, MO 63033

The Bogey Hills event has been cancelled. Due to a rescheduled Bogey Hills Parent/Child event that must be played on Sunday, July 26, the AGT event cannot be rescheduled for 2020. An email was sent to each player with additional information.

College Men
Stolze, Colin

High School Men
Brown, Trace
Day, Brenden
Dunning, Matthew
Kendrick, Kanon
Klug, Alden
Roderfeld, William

College Women
Cobb, Ellie
Larouere, Madeline
Salazar, Annaliesia
Schlemmer, Lilly

HighSchool Women

Karre, Kelly
Kossina, Malia
Mikulec, Katharine
Rettinghaus, Gabrielle
Simmons, Na’ilah
Trover, Lucy