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 Amanda Kim played several years in the AGT thru part of her high school years and some of her college years at Mizzou where she played for four years. Amanda turned pro and now plays with the Eggland Best Pro Tour, formerly the Suncoast Mini Tour.
   She recently playing in an event in Tipton, Georgia and as the photo on the left shows, she won. She will be playng in an event at Knoxville, Tennessee before leaving for the Women's Q school in California.
   We wish her luck and safe travels as she strives to earn a place in Women's Pro Golf.
What is Carol Fromuth doing in her spare time????
St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team sets two state records in tournament wins
   According to Warren Mayes of WEST Magazine, Carol Fromuth, coach of the St. Joseph’s Academy girls golf team, set a state record with a team score in the MO/IL River Challenge on Saturday.
   In the MO/IL River Challenge played at Quail Creek Golf Club, the Angels shot a team score of 291. That broke the Missouri state high school record for a par 72 course.
   Nienhaus also won medalist honors. She shot a 2-under 70. Nienhaus the only one to shoot under par in the event. Nicole Rallo was even with a 72 and tied for second. Mia Rallo came in seventh with a 74 and Aromando was eighth with a 75. Andrews shot an 85 to tie for 17th place. Arro shot an 88.

From left to right: Drew Nienhaus, Isabella Arro, Nicole Rallo,
Grace Aromando, Rylie Andrews and Mia Rallo
   And Fromuth's next feat according to Warren Mayes, was at the Smith-Cotton Classic played Monday at the Sedalia Country Club. St. Joseph’s smashed the record for a par 70 course with a team score of 277. St. Joseph’s broke its own record for the par 70 course, which it set with a 306 on Oct. 10, 2017, in the second day of the Class 2 state tournament that was held at the Sedalia Country Club. Westminster Christian Academy held the record for a par 72 course with a 308. Westminster set that record Oct. 3, 2012.
   “I think I never would have dreamed we’d shoot the score we did at Sedalia,” St. Joseph’s coach Carol Fromuth said. “To be 3-under with four players is not something you think about. As good as the girls are, that’s just a great accomplishment. That would be good for anybody. That blows me away. A 306 was the lowest par score and we shattered it.
   Plus, St. Joseph’s defeated Notre Dame de Sion, which finished at 289. “That’s our big competition for state,” Fromuth said. St. Joseph’s has won the Class 2 state tournament for the past three years. Notre Dame de Sion has finished second in the last two years. “They have a great coach and program there,” Fromuth said. “We can’t let up.” The undefeated Angels likely will not.
   At Sedalia, junior Drew Nienhaus earned medalist honors by shooting a 4-under 66. She won by one stroke over Megan Propeck, of Notre Dame de Sion. Propeck is the two-time defending Class 2 state champion. “Drew beat Megan Propeck and she’s one of the best players in the country,” Fromuth said. “She’s in the top 50 probably. Megan is in the same year in school as Drew. Propeck has played more nationally than Drew has but Drew played a lot this summer. I think that’s paying off now. She’s very calm. She’s very focused.
   “The 66 was Drew’s career best. She had a wonderful round.” Two other Angels also had career-best rounds at Sedalia. Junior Nicole Rallo shot a 1-under 69 and finished third while her sophomore sister, Mia, tied for fifth with a 1-over 71. “They both played great,” Fromuth said. “The only one who didn’t have a career-best round was Grace (Aromando). Aromando, a senior, also shot a 1-over 71. The other Angels’ scores were an 81 by sophomore Isabella Arro and a 92 for freshman Rylie Andrews.

From Left to Right: Rylie Andrews, Isabella Arro, Nicole Rallo, Grace Aromando
Drew Nienhaus, Mia Rallo and Coach Carol Fromuth.
    In the Angels Classic that was held at Quail Creek, St. Joseph’s won with a 312. “Quail Creek is a good, tough course and it’s coming back under its ownership,” Fromuth said. “It’s hard to find golf courses on a Saturday. I like playing on Saturday because that way the kids don’t have to miss school. Quail Creek let us have the tournament there and they said we can keep coming back for it. That’s a plus.”
   “They were unhappy with that score,” Fromuth said. “They knew they could do better. They have proved since then they can shoot better.” Aromando led St. Joseph’s with a 75 to finished fifth in the Angels Classic. Tied for 10th was Nienhaus, who shot a 77; Mia Rallo was 12th with a 78. Tied for 16th was Nicole Rallo with an 80. Tied for 18th was Arro with an 81 and tied for 34th place was Andrews, who shot a 90. “I would say the girls are handling the pressure this season very well,” Fromuth said. “You have to get the ball in the hole and they have been doing that.”

For the Angels, it’s always about getting to state and having a chance to win it. The state tournament is set for Oct. 20-21. It will be played at Silo Ridge Golf and Country Club, Bolivar. “Boliver is a good track,” Fromuth said. “It will be a true test for the kids. I think it will take a score in the low 300s or high 290s to win it this year.” For now, Fromuth is enjoying how well her Angels are playing. But state is on her mind. “I’m happy with the season so far but, of course, it’s that last day of the season that makes the difference,” Fromuth said. “It’s never over until then. They’re all working hard. They’re golfers. That’s the bottom line. They play tournament golf. They aspire to play in college. “They’re all really stepped up for these scores that we’re shooting. Pars are good. That’s our slogan. If a birdie happens, that’s fine. We’ll keep playing.”

What?   Why?
  • Series of two–day tournaments
  • Male and female collegians
  • Male and female advanced high schoolers
  • Scheduled during June, July and August
  • Premier public and private golf courses venues
  • Lack of summer golf programs for
       collegiate and advanced high school players
  • Coaches prefer to observe players’ skills
       and temperament over a two day event
Men   Women
Golfers: If you are a male golfer, are you thinking that you should practice during the summer months to keep your game in shape or improve your game? Then join us at the AGT. Our courses are set up for 6,600+ yards which is what golf coaches want to see...difficult courses!
If you are shooting 90 or below then sign up for one or more AGT event, keep your golf game strong...check our website and view the many venues for our two day events...yes, two day events...that is what the golf coaches want to see, your ability on a course in a two day event.
  Golfers: If you are a female golfer, are you thinking that you should practice during the summer months to keep your game in shape or improve your game? Then join us at the AGT. Our courses are set up for 6,000+ yards which is what golf coaches want to see...difficult courses!
If you are a female golfer and shooting 100 or below, the same things apply to you...you can compete with not only other high school players but against college players as well. Hope to see you and watch your game improve!

Interested in a college scholarship and need
some details?
The AGT offers a FREE Seminar on Saturday, November 30.
The panel discussion will take place at
Visitation Academy
                                 3020 North Ballas Road
                                          St. Louis, MO
                                          9 AM - 12 PM
For complete explanation of this seminar, CLICK HERE to download and print the information.

  • Two-Day Events @ $175 Each
           Discounted Fee: 3 or more @ $150 Each
  • Scores Reported to AJGA and JGS
  • Played on Premier Private and Public Courses
  • Nationally Experienced Rules Officials
  • Pace of Play Strictly Monitored
  • Flexible Event Rescheduling
  • Minimum Course Yardage:
           Men = 6,600+ Yds/ Women = 6,000+ Yds
  • Many College Coaches in Attendance
  • Golf Merchandise Drawings at all Events
  • Pro Shop Gift Certificates for Winners  

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