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PLEASE READ: Complete the Application for Entry. The entry form will be forwarded to the AGT Entry Director who will issue a PayPal invoice requesting payment for the events entered. When the PayPal payment is completed and approved, an email of acceptance will be sent to the parent email account. Any player wishing to receive permission to use a golf cart may not submit an online Application for Entry. To access the necessary ADA information and postal entry form, Click here.

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If you have never played in the AGT and were recommended by a friend who has, please write their name in the space below.

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Events Please select the events that you wish to play by checking the box labeled 'Enter' to the left of the event listed.
Enter Day/Date Location
June 5 - 6, Wed/Thurs Far Oaks Golf Club, Caseyville, IL
June 23 - 24, Sun/Mon Bogey Hills Country Club, St. Charles, MO
July 7 - 8, Sun/Mon Lake Forest Country Club, Lake St. Louis, MO
July 9 - 10, Tues/Wed The Missouri Bluffs, St. Charles, MO
July 24 - 25, Wed/Thurs Whitmoor Country Club, St. Charles, MO
July 30 - 31, Tues/Wed Dalhousie Golf Club, Cape Girardeau, MO
August 1 - 2, Thurs/Fri Annbriar Golf Course, Waterloo, IL
August 5 - 6, Mon/Tues Forest Hills Country Club, St. Louis, MO
August 8 - 9, Thurs/Fri Silo Ridge Golf and Country Club, Bolivar, MO
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PayPal Payment Option: PayPal invoices will be issued according to your selection above. A PayPal invoice payment must be processed and approved before your name will be entered into a tournament event.
   If you choose to pay for all tournaments selected above, one PayPal payment invoice will be issued to the parent email address. When the PayPal payment invoice is processed and approved by PayPal, your name will be entered into the tournament/s selected above. and you will receive an email confirming your entry.
   If you choose to pay for each selected tournament individually, you will be issued an invoice for each selected tournament. It will be your responsiblity to process the applicable PayPal payment invoice at least seven days prior to the opening day of the selected tournament. IF slots are available, you will receive an email confirming your entry.

Entry Fees: The entry fee for the is $175. If you select and pay for 3 or more events, the entry fee for each tournament will be reduced to $150. The cost for Silo Ridge GC on August 8-9 is $150, regardless of the number of events that you select..
All events include golf, range balls and automatic entry into event drawings.

I understand that this entry is subject to approval or rejection at any time (including during the tournament) by the AGT Tour Administrator. I have read the PERTINENT TOURNAMENT DOCUMENT and agree to the specifics. Accepted entries may receive a refund of fees if cancellations are made one week prior to the first day of the tournament. After this date, refunds will only be made for injury or illness that has been certified by a doctor’s written report and approved for refund by the AGT Tour Administrator. A $25.00 service charge will be deducted, per player, from all refunds. Upon completing and submitting this entry form, you are agreeing to the terms stated in this paragraph. 

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